15 Best Nursing Sports Bras for Moms in 2022: Nike, Medela, SHEFIT, Lululemon and More


Whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, investing in the best nursing sports bras will make your moves easier and more enjoyable. Of course, you can always go a few sizes up from your current favorite bra, but if you want high-quality nursing sports bras, you’ll want something suitable for the maternity experience. And if you’re planning on having more kids, sports bras designed specifically for pregnancy or postpartum should be a staple in your activewear collection.

To learn more about all things nursing sports bras, we spoke to the people who know best: moms. We’ve found that there are quite a few bells and whistles to look for when shopping for the best bras, so we’ve distilled the most commonly mentioned features to make your life a little easier.

What to Look for in Maternity and Nursing Sports Bras

  • Support: Depending on the type of movement you are doing, you will need the right support bra. Jogging, HIIT, and other high-impact workouts will need more support (think wide straps, molded cups, and thicker band) and generally provide fuller coverage. A stretchy bralette or crossover bra is more suitable for yoga or Pilates.
  • Room to grow: Any new mom will tell you that your breasts will grow rapidly during pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding. It’s important to look for a sports bra that’s stretchy enough to grow with you, or an option that has an adjustable hook-and-eye closure (similar to traditional bras), so you can loosen it as you go. you move forward.
  • Zipped front closure: Many moms we’ve spoken to prefer zippered sports bras for several reasons. First, they reduce friction and chafing on sensitive nipples when putting them on and taking them off. A front closure also makes them easier to put on when your belly grows, especially if it’s a racerback sports bra.
  • Cross Style: Cross-front sports bras provide easy access for pumping or breastfeeding moms. They often offer lower support and also have stretch, making them nice nighttime bras.
  • Adjustable or removable straps: Straps that can be adjusted create a snug fit and can provide more support. For hands-free access to breastfeeding, some moms have mentioned looking for straps that detach using velcro or clips, that way you can quickly go from your workout to pumping or breastfeeding. of your baby.
  • Comfort: Pregnancy isn’t always comfortable, but your nursing sports bras should be. Even when looking for a high support sports bra, it should still be comfortable and breathable. You might want to choose cordless options for less strain on your rib cage.

Below, 15 of the best nursing sports bras, handpicked by fitness-loving moms, that will see you through your pregnancy journey and beyond. Some of them have cup sizes, others use standard larger sizes, but all have solid reviews and recommendations to boot. Need help finding the right fit? Here are expert tips for finding the right bra size.

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