45 facts about Nike to impress the sneakerhead in your life


Although it is a popular sports brand around the world, there are many facts about Nike that you may not know. The brand was created in Oregon, USA and has been in the market for over five decades, selling sportswear, sponsoring athletes and impacting the lives of many people. Some additional interesting facts about the brand will help you better understand the company.

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Nike is one of the world’s leading sportswear and sneaker manufacturers. A lot has happened since its inception and the company continues to make headlines in sport and business. These Nike facts will impress you if you are a sneakerhead or have one in your life.

Awesome Nike Stats

As a multinational, the sportswear brand has achieved some impressive stats over the years. Here are some numbers to get to know the company better.

Information about Nike
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  • Although it has a large market, it focuses on customers between the ages of 15 and 40.
  • 96% of its factories are in Asian countries such as Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and India.
  • Nike takes a significant market share of 62%. Adidas follows suit.
  • He sells about 25 pairs of sneakers per second, generating $100,000. Revenue translates to $700 million per week.
  • The company is one of the largest employers in the world, with approximately 80,000 employees.
  • The 1990 Nike shoe spill happened in the North Pacific Ocean after a severe hurricane hit the freighter. About 80,000 pairs of shoes were lost.
  • According to Statista, the company’s net worth is estimated at $33 billion. Selling shoes is her main source of income.
  • More men buy Nike products than women. The men’s segment generates nearly $19 billion annually.
  • Footwear sales account for over 65% of total sales. Its other products are caps, balls, t-shirts and sweatpants.
  • The primary market for Nike products is North America.

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Interesting facts about Nike that you probably didn’t know

Nike is a family brand for most sports enthusiasts as at least one of their apparel is made by the company. Although you own their wares, you might not know much about them and you will find these facts interesting.

Where are Nike shoes made?
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  • Basketball veteran Michael Jordan was about to turn down Nike’s offer in 1984, but his mother persuaded him. The former basketball player refused to partner with Nike and opted to work with Reebok. He showed up to meet Nike officials fully dressed in Reebok clothes.
  • Before being renamed Nike in 1964, the company was called Blue Ribbon Sports.
  • While writing a college assignment, Phil Knight came up with the idea of ​​starting a shoe company that became Nike.
  • The company’s largest retail store in the world is in London, UK. The store is known as Nike Town.
  • The company launched the Nike Adapt shoes in 2016. The shoes lace up automatically, adapt to the foot and are controlled by a smartphone.
  • Early versions of Nike were made from fish and kangaroo skin. Nowadays, it uses rubber, polyester, cotton, leather and EVA foam to manufacture its products.
  • The company opened its first retail store in November 1990 in downtown Portland, Oregon, USA. Today it is the company’s headquarters.
  • Nike was embroiled in a controversy with musician Lil Nas X in 2021 after he claimed Nike made his Satan shoes.
  • The sportswear company sponsors athletes such as Christiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe and Rafael Nadal.
  • Nike’s ads on YouTube didn’t reach a million views until they ran a commercial featuring Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho. The advertisement surpassed one million views in 2006.
  • Skateboarder Bam Margera was sponsored by Nike, but he didn’t like the brand. He used other shoe brands but placed Nike’s swoosh symbol on the shoes.

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Nike facts to impress a sneakerhead

Every sneakerhead will want to have at least one pair of shoes in their Nike collection. These facts about the brand will boost your interest in it.

What does Nike mean
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  • The pronunciation of Nike should sound like saying prickly. Most people mispronounce it with rhymes like bicycle. That should be nai kee.
  • Its slogan, “Just do it”, was created in 1987 by Wieden and Kennedy. The slogan was inspired by the last of a convict facing execution.
  • He is a two-time Emmy Award winner. its advertisements, crazy dream and You can’t stop uswon Emmy Awards in 2019 and 2021, respectively.
  • The sportswear giant stopped selling its products on Amazon in November 2019. However, independent distributors and third-party companies continue to sell the products on the platform.
  • Converse, a sportswear manufacturer, is the subsidiary of Nike. Nike acquired the company in 2003.
  • Nike means the Greek goddess of victory.
  • The company outsources shoe manufacturing to other companies, mostly based in Asia.
  • Lil Nastase, a Romanian tennis player, was the first professional athlete to endorse the sportswear manufacturer in 1972.
  • Nike has a rich history at the University of Oregon. The founder of Nike is an alumnus of the school and his company has supported most of the institution’s projects.
  • NFL and NBA players have worn Nike apparel for their games since 2012 and 2015, respectively.
  • Nike is known for its sneakers, but the company also manufactures other sports equipment, such as balls, bats, gloves and skates.
  • Eliud Kipchoge wore Nike Aphafly running shoes when he set the world record by running a marathon in less than two hours.

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Random Nike Facts You Should Know

There is a lot to learn from the giant sports company since its inception. It has undergone many transformations ranging from a change of name to the expansion of its markets. Here are random facts about the brand.

How did Nike get its name?
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  • The company was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight and was known as Blue Ribbon Sports in January 1964. It was renamed Nike in May 1971.
  • Its headquarters are in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. However, it has several offices in other regions, such as Melbourne, Australia, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Before settling on the Nike name, the founders almost called the company Dimension 6.
  • The sports equipment maker runs a recycling program called Reuse-a-shoe. Used Nike shoes are collected by stores and recycled to make other products.
  • His first pair of shoes were made from a waffle iron in 1972. The waffle iron made shoe grooves for better grip.
  • In 1987, rock band The Beatles sued Nike for using their song Revolution in a television commercial.
  • What does Nike mean? It means the Greek goddess of victory.
  • The company’s mission statement promotes inclusivity. It partly indicates that you are an athlete if you have a body.
  • The cobbler featured a Kenyan tribesman in a TV ad for hiking boots. The Kenyan reportedly said in his native language: “I don’t want that. Give me big shoes”, instead of saying “do it”.
  • The company offered rock band Chumbawamba $1.5 million to use their song Kiss in a World Cup commercial. However, established musicians declined the offer within 30 seconds.
  • Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, considers the late Steve Prefontaine the soul of Nike. Steve was an athlete from Oregon who died in a car accident in 1975.
  • Nike gives bonuses to its sponsored athletes for breaking world records. It is alleged that the bonuses motivated pole vaulter Sergey Bubka to break his world records 14 times in two years.

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Quick facts about Nike

  1. Who owns Nike? It is owned by American businessman Phil Knight and his son Travis Knight.
  2. How many awards has Nike won? He won two Emmy Awards. He has also received several other awards over the years.
  3. Did Nike make Satan shoes? He didn’t make Satan shoes as Lil Nas X claims. MSCHF made the shoes.
  4. What was Nike’s original name? It was founded as Blue Ribbon Sports.
  5. What is the Nike symbol called? The company logo is called Swoosh.
  6. Why was Nike originally created? In 1964, Nike, then known as Blue Ribbon Sports, was established to be the distributor for Japanese shoemaker Onitsuka Tiger.
  7. Why is Nike the most famous? The company has made a name for itself as one of the best sneaker manufacturers in the world. His most popular shoes include Air Force 1 and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus.
  8. What makes Nike unique? The company stands out for its elegant design, comfort and versatility integrated into its products.
  9. Where are Nike shoes made? The shoes are made by many companies in different parts of the world, not those owned by Nike.
  10. What does Nike stand for? It refers to the Greek goddess of victory.

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Nike is one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear and equipment in the world. The company is also one of the leading sneaker manufacturers. The above facts about Nike will help you understand the history of the company and the progress it has made over the years.

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