5 of the Best Experiences in Nike’s Metaverse


Sports brand Nike’s metaverse space, Nikeland, has so far hosted nearly 7 million people. But what do they interact with when they are there? We look at the best experiences in the virtual world.

Built in Roblox, Nikeland allows players to interact with Nike-branded virtual goods through activities and games. It’s one of the most visible and successful executions to date, in part because it leverages Roblox’s strengths as a primarily gaming platform.

During his recent earnings call, Nike CEO and Chairman Jack Donahoe explained how the company drove consumers to the platform, saying, “During NBA All-Star Week, LeBron James visited Nikeland on Roblox to inspire its community towards in-game physical movement.

“On the court at Nikeland, LeBron coached and interacted with players, and attendees were rewarded for physical gameplay with the ability to unlock virtual goods. We plan to continue generating energy there. with virtual merchandise like special LeBron 19 styles for Roblox.

Here’s how Nikeland Experience players interact with the brand across games.


When entering the virtual Nikeland showroom for the first time, players have the opportunity to pick up a Nike-branded cap and backpack for free. While this risks potentially making all players the same, it also means that Nike can count on a significant number of avatars displaying its logo.


Beyond these few free items, there are a number of other virtual Nike-branded garments that mirror their real-world counterparts. From a brand perspective, getting users to pay virtual currency (“medals”) to purchase the right to wear your logo is a huge opportunity. For players, the ability to show off how rich you are in medals is an incentive in itself. In-game scoreboards display the high scores of players who have outperformed others.

Jump Jump Jump

Nikeland’s big selling point for gamers is that it includes games – without which it would be a sterile and probably not as successful environment. In addition to virtual recreations of real-world sports, it also includes more fantastical activities like Jump Jump Jump, which tests players’ reaction and strategy as they try to outlast other players on challenging platforms. free fall. To encourage repeat visits, Nike has made sure that by checking in every day, players unlock other goodies.

Customize your yard

Nikeland also responds to the creative impulses of its players. Roblox – and other fledgling metaverse platforms, like Minecraft and Fortnite Creative – allow users to customize not only their avatars, but also sections of the world. This, and the ability to share these creations, is central to the appeal of metaverse platforms. Nikeland allows its users to add sporting goods and merchandise to their yard.


It wouldn’t be a game if it wasn’t fun to play through. The Nikeland experience has gates, slides, a Nike-branded hoverboard… it can be strange to see Nike products realistically modeled in this deliberately colorful and unrealistic environment, but it’s far from the only time the games have touched on this collision of the real and the unreal. .


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