adidas Nabs, Nike’s World #1 Female Amateur Golfer Rose Zhang Sponsored Stanford in First Student-Athlete NIL Endorsement – ARCH-USA


Signing moves brand into next phase of fair and expansive NIL program with individual student-athlete partnerships Rose Zhang enters US Women’s Open this week as top female amateur

Source: World No. 1 female amateur golfer Rose Zhang becomes first student-athlete to sign NIL endorsement deal with adidas

Stanford is undoubtedly a Nike endorsed sports program and one of the elite sports schools of Nike. Which makes Zhang’s signing an interesting talking point from a sporting perspective. A few things to consider when initiating a discussion on this topic, Nike may not have directly created Division Street for the University of Oregon, but it is understood that any program supporting The Ducks is indirectly related to Nike. The question after the creation of Division Street, by those who pay attention, “Will Nike offer some form of Division Street through its multitude of college-sponsored programs?” It was an obvious investigation as Nike tends to shy away from situations like signing Rose Zhang with adidas in one of their early programs.

Zhang will be required to wear Nike gear at Stanford, but in her individual events unaffiliated with the school, she will wear the three stripes. It’s an exciting topic of discussion, but not unheard of. Many national teams, think Jamaica and Puma, are in similar situations, but these athletes have already turned professional and the distinction is clear. Zhang has just helped lead Stanford’s golf team to the NCAA championship and is heading to the US Women’s Open. As the blurring of lines continues at all levels of the sport, remember Mikey Williams has a NIL deal with Puma, and he’s a high school kid playing basketball, players, coaches and academic institutions have a really serious problem to solve. Players like Mikey Williams tend to sign with brand-affiliated colleges, brand-sponsored travel teams. Puma does not sponsor any college basketball program. If Mikey’s deal doesn’t end before he goes to college, there will need to be a clause, similar to Rose’s with adidas, in place.

The money involved creates a new wrinkle in the way coaches will have to deal with athletes who can, in some cases, earn significantly more than their high school and college coaches. As athletes gain notoriety due to the changing digital landscape with social media allowing these athletes to share workout routines and bits of entertainment content, brands will need to meet fans where they are. . The brand, within the brand, within the brand is an essential universe and the battle of sneaker brands is now being played out in micro-economies.


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