Are Nike Yoga Wrap Shoes Worth It?


Well, it looks like Nike’s wrap-around yoga shoes are definitely worth the hype. A satisfied customer shared their experience with the shoe on Zappos, writing that the shoe protects their “feet from cold, dirty floors” and gives them “better traction” when performing certain movements. Thanks to the heel protection, they are also a lifeline for dry and cracked heels. However, they note that after wearing them for “several months,” the material stretched considerably. “If I was using them for dancing or more floor work, I would definitely want a tighter fit,” they write. “As is, they are comfortable and won’t rub anywhere on my foot.”

Another customer said that while it took them a while “to get used to the feeling”, they preferred it “barefoot at the gym”. They too recommend paying attention to the size, adding that if you are on the limit of one size you should move on to the next.

So much yoga states that the Nike Wrap is certainly worth the ‘investment’, because “there is a good heel pad, they are flexible and your toes are exposed. This means you can switch between poses without slipping or slipping. need to adjust. big adds that you will “never have to adjust them during class” and that it is like having “a second layer of skin that easily adheres to the mat, making every pose flowing and every transition seamless.”


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