Customer says it looked like ‘earthquake-leveled’ Nike store after Black Friday shopping spree


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TULALIP, Wash. — Black Friday has left its mark on a Nike store in Washington.

A customer took video of the aftermath of Black Friday shopping at the Nike Factory store in Seattle Premium Outlets. Larry Downer went to the store around 8:15 p.m. to buy a pair of shoes for his son.

At that time, the store had been open for about 3 p.m. He told KCPQ it felt like an “earthquake that leveled the place.”

Downer’s video showed customers wading through a sea of ​​orange boxes on the floor after merchandise was picked up and tossed aside.

“It’s a huge store and it seemed like every inch of the floor was covered in merchandise,” Downer told KCPQ. “I saw people throwing stuff and showing disdain for the store’s merchandise.”

Downer finally found a pair of shoes for his son. He told the TV station he found one of the shoes in one aisle and the matching shoe in the next aisle.

He described the staff as looking “overwhelmed and tired”.

The store closed a few hours later at midnight and reopened at 5 a.m. Saturday.



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