Emma Raducanu’s new Nike ad decoded


What other messages appear in the ad?

Despite all the contrasting words in the background, the ad still emphasizes Raducanu’s tennis power, grace, timing and athleticism. She receives a serve and, with the word “Perfect” flashing in the background, immediately rips a crushing forehand through the net. She then rushes in for a sliding backhand volley, followed by an overhead smash, then, at the words “Flawless”, a raspy two-handed backhand. The noises of four perfectly synchronized shots are all amplified.

How does it end?

The twist is that, after a series of beautifully executed shots, Raducanu loses the point after rushing in for a soft, poorly timed forehand. The ad then moves on to the next point and, with Raducanu looking extremely focused as she waits to receive service again, ends with the words “World Off”. Game on ‘.

His Instagram page also now has a double “barrier” sign emoji. The message appears clear again. She closes her ears to outside noise and focuses only on tennis. The next three weeks should also tell us a bit more about which of these words – distracted. Perfect. Paw. Flawless. One-shot wonder – best represents her progress since becoming Britain’s first Grand Slam champion in 44 years.

When does she play?

The Australian Open begins this Monday (January 17), with Raducanu paired in the first round against unranked 2017 US Open champion Sloane Stephens. Raducanu, who is 19, is the tournament’s number 17 seed.


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