Former Nike employee reveals how to get FREE pair of sneakers as she reveals store secrets


A EX-retail worker who spent five years in a Nike store explained how customers can score a new pair of sneakers for FREE.

The woman, who appears to be from the United States, said you can just exchange an old pair for new shoes within a year of purchase, assuming they are “defective.”


The woman revealed how she worked at a Nike store in the United States for five years and is therefore aware of the store’s policiesCredit: Tik Tok
She said if your shoe is "defected" you can easily swap them out for a new pair - even after wearing them


She said if your shoe is “faulty” you can easily swap them in for a new pair – even after you’ve worn them.Credit: Tik Tok

In the clip she posted on TikTok, the woman, who now works as a hairdresser, explained, “A defect is considered normal wear and tear on the shoes.”

Holding a worn Nike shoe in front of the camera, she explained that “flaws” could mean a faded or worn Nike tick on the side of the shoe, for example, or if the front of the shoe is starting to peel off.

Another reason you are buying a free pair could be that the laces on your current pair are breaking or the “air bubble” in some Nike styles has “pops”.

“Any of them are considered defective,” she said. “So what they’re going to do is make them defective, give you a gift card, and you can buy a new pair.”

His video generated a lot of reaction from buyers who were excited to get a free pair of shoes.

However, many remained skeptical until a woman revealed that she branded a new pair for her son using this hack.

She wrote, “You go online and fill out the form. You just have to look at the tag on the inside of the shoe to see the dates. I just made my son’s shoes.”

Broken laces, faded logo and"jumped" bubble are all considered a "fault"


Broken laces, a discolored logo and a “burst” bubble are all considered a “defect”Credit: Tik Tok

She explained that she had done it last month and that her son received a $ 200 gift certificate to spend online.

Some people have questioned the time limit in which you can return a pair, with many suggesting it’s only 30 days.

While it is not known if the same policy applies to Nike UK, the return policy states that “Defective or faulty products may be returned with valid proof of purchase within two years of delivery of the order. or the date of in-store purchase “.

Nike UK also has a similar policy, although a free pair is not always guaranteed.


Nike UK also has a similar policy, although a free pair is not always guaranteed.Credit: Alamy

According to website: “If your item is defective or faulty and less than 30 days have passed since your purchase, simply choose one of the options above to return the item. If it has been more than 30 days since your purchase, please Contact us to return the item. “

And continues: “Defective or defective products can be returned with valid proof of purchase within two years from the date the order was delivered or purchased in store. Certain Nike products have written warranties and / or specific warranties. Please refer to the label, tag, or warranty card for specific return instructions. “

So while you might get a gift certificate to use towards a new pair of shoes, that isn’t always the case – but it’s definitely worth a try.

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