Has a company banned its employees from wearing Nike products in the workplace?


Nike’s announcement of an advertising deal with Colin Kaepernick sparked a storm of controversy and debate, along with numerous calls for a boycott of the company by those opposing the National Football League protests against it. racial injustice, which Kaepernick managed by “kneeling” during the 2016 season.

In the days following the announcement, social media users shared a photo that appeared to show a sign, posted on a company door or window, prohibiting the wearing of Nike products by company employees. company in particular:

The first post from the panel we found online was a September 6 tweet from a user with the handle @ 1stonersimpson:

None of the social media posts containing the photo provided details of where the sign was displayed, the company that posted it, who took the photo or when the photo was taken. socket. Likewise, the sign itself was devoid of any detail, logo, signature or watermark that might give a clue as to its authenticity.

For this reason, we have not yet been able to verify whether the sign has been posted and photographed as a hoax, prank or joke, or whether the management of an as yet unknown company has posted the sign in earnest. outside their desks as part of a real policy banning the wearing of Nike clothing.


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