Here’s How Bam Margera Couldn’t Stand Wearing Nike Shoes


It’s probably a lesser-known fact that Bam Margera of Jackass fame couldn’t skateboard properly in the shoes Nike gave him when he was sponsored by the company. He hated shoes so much that he used other shoes and cut out the swoosh symbol to stick on his other shoes. Only by doing this was he able to skateboard properly, although it seems there was a legal issue. But on the other hand, Bam would have needed the right kind of shoes to pull off the tricks they wanted him to perform. Unbeknownst to those who don’t get into skateboarding, it doesn’t matter what you wear on your feet if you really want to perform. Any shoes that are too stiff and not broken at all are going to ruin someone’s game when they’re on set.

Bam had a very significant career in and around his role as Jackass throughout his life, as he got into many different business ventures over the years. Depending on how close a person is to him, he can be seen as a jerk or a nice guy or somewhere in between, as his typical attitude is the kind of evil style you can see in Jackass movies. He’s not always described as the nicest guy, but he’s also not like a lot of other guys in that he sets his own style and does things the way he wants to, which doesn’t It’s not always as enjoyable for everyone as they might like. It’s really hard if people expect him to change, because Bam seems pretty comfortable with himself and will probably stay the same person for a while. His time skateboarding has been a big part of his life and has been seen in just about every aspect of who he is, from the indie movies he’s been in to his Jackass days.

Looking at him, a lot of people might say that Bam is kind of a tramp and doesn’t have much going for him, but in truth, he has quite a bit. He has two houses that he frequents, he’s been in charge of his own business for a while, and he’s not really short on money. For a while after Jackass it seems like he kind of fell off the map but like a few of the guys on the show he had substance abuse issues from time to time which he had to deal with . It’s unclear whether or not he’s fixed that issue, but since he’s still around and doing his thing, it’s pretty easy to assume he’s still capable of doing whatever he wants. He may seem like a tough character, but Bam is anything but stupid since he’s been around the neighborhood a few times so to speak and knows how to get by with what he’s got.

After all, he knows enough to survive and thrive, and that’s more than a lot of people can say.


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