How to Get the Nike Basketball Head in NIKELAND


NIKELAND in Roblox is back once again! Originally released in November 2021, it has since reappeared several times for various events. Recently, the Team Basketball update was released, introducing many team modes and new rewards to unlock! An example is the Nike Basketball Head, a purple basketball with a Nike headband. Wearing this hat is a fantastic way to show off your skills! This guide will teach you how to get the Nike basketball head in the Roblox experience, NIKELAND.

How to Get the Nike Basketball Head in the NIKELAND Roblox Experience

Roblox Nike Basketball Head Guide

To get the Nike basketball head in NIKELAND, you will need to play a lot of basketball games! Specifically, you need to play enough games to get a total of 14,000 XP. After entering the NIKELAND experience, step forward to the huge basketball to begin!

On the basketball map, you’ll find plenty of options for games to play, including the Dunk Contest and player versus player arenas. If you’re playing with a friend or want to test your skills against someone random, you can queue up for one of the arena modes and shoot hoops!

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However, the most popular mode is the Dunk Contest, a mode where you have one minute to score as many points as possible. The number of points you receive will determine how much XP you will get. For example, while getting 15 points will only get you 20 XP, you can get over 100 XP if you get around 50 dunk points.

Regardless of your score, you’ll likely need to play dozens of rounds before you reach 14,000 XP. It takes a lot of time, skill, and dedication to reach the end, which means you’ll find yourself playing for quite some time. Be sure to hone your skills and get as many bonus points as possible to speed up the process!

If you’re curious about how much XP you still need, enter the game menu and click Rewards. From there, you’ll see all the rewards you can get for using XP, including the Nike basketball head.

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Roblox is now available for PC, iOS, Android and Xbox One.

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