How to transfer races from Nike to Strava


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Check out how to transfer races from Nike to Strava

Tracking your career or training motivates you and while you are socially connected through these apps, you also motivate your friends to stay in shape. It is therefore a social network in which everyone wins. This year I started my professional journey again and was surprised to see different apps running on the Play Store and the App Store. When I first started running the Nike Run Club was my first choice and I still want to use it, but other tracking apps like Strava offer a lot more running analysis. Additionally, Strava streams are much better than Nike Run Club streams. In terms of user experience, I would vote for the Nike Run Club blindly.

Exporting Nike Run Club Data

Your primary option for exporting Nike Run Club data is to use a standard app or the web app. It is better to use a standard app rather than a random website because there is a lot of data included in an export. You can use whatever you want to export.

Using SyncMyTracks

SyncMyTracks is a premium app that requires a small fee. You can install it on your phone with Nike Run Club. NRC does not work with Android Wear. You will need to provide your NRC ID to SyncMyTracks to access the performance data, but that’s it. When the run is finished, the data is automatically collected and exported to Strava.

The design isn’t the prettiest, but the app gets the job done. Sometimes the sync between the app and Strava doesn’t happen, so check it. If SyncMyTracks stops syncing, force a stop and then reopen it. You then need to collect the data and send it to Strava.

Using RunGap

If you are using an iPhone or Apple Watch with Nike Run Club, you can use RunGap. It is arguably more refined than SyncMyTracks and works with a variety of services. RunGap does the same; collects performance data from your NRC and exports it to Strava. The synchronization function is automatic, and if you select it, you can import data and export it.

The design is excellent. RunGap is simple yet effective, and the navigation elements are easy to use. The app is free, but it does come with in-app purchases.

Web applications to export Nike Run Club data

A particular web application, n + exporter, is often recommended for exporting data from the Nike Run Club to Strava, and is even mentioned on the Strava website. There is also an app for iOS, but most people use the website. Here’s how to use the n + exporter with Nike Run Club.

  • Visit n + exporter.
  • Enter your Nike Run Club account details
  • Select “Connect to Nike +”.
  • Give it a minute to access the data on your device and a table with your runs will appear. You can then choose to manually export a GPX or TCX file as needed.

GPX files seem to work fine with Strava. The process is manual but takes a few seconds. The file is small so it doesn’t use a lot of data, and loading is just as easy. Log in to Strava, select the orange “+” icon in the upper right section, choose “Download Activity”, then select the file, and you’re good to go!

Final words: How to transfer races from Nike to Strava

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