Toronto artist and director Justin Poulsen has spent most of 2020 and 2021 meticulously building a miniature 7-eleven convenience store from scratch that functions like a shoebox to house a pair of 7-themed Nike dunks -even tailor-made. the project features the smallest details like work lights and automatic motorized doors to give it a compelling appearance.

pictures by Justin Poulsen

Justin Poulsen combined his love for custom Nike slurpees and sneakers in a truly unique way. he built everything from scratch using a mix of laser-cut wood, 3D printed accessories (designed and painted in-house) and a variety of random materials. The functional lights built into the set are high output specifically designed for photography and video applications as there was a lot of light needed to power the specific probe lens used when filming the set. motorized doors were programmed using tiny servo motors and an arduino controller.

artist creates shoebox and realistic miniature convenience store shoes matching 2

the artist spared no detail, planting miniature cigarette butts in the tops of trash cans, bird poo on the poles of street lights and rust / paint chips on all bolts. the completed building required a parking lot to accompany it, which had to be large enough to fill the camera’s field of view. Originally considering computer-generated or painted backgrounds, Poulsen decided that everything had to be hand-built to match the spirit of the building.

the resulting set, which was hand painted and meticulously weathered, ended up measuring 3 meters long and 1.8 meters deep. the project lasted just over two years from start to finish. In mid-2020, the two brands in question announced that they were planning to team up for their own collaboration, the same collaboration the artist had envisioned years ago. their plans were short-lived as they ultimately canceled the shoe without a media rollout, but Justin’s project stuck and he calls it “the 7-eleven dunk that could have been.

project info:

Last name: the 711 Dunk that could have been

designate: Justin poulsen

handle and ac: wyatt michalek tyler winrow

sound design: Dorsey Way

production support: nostril artinian emmy grace

additional bts images: tyler winrow

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edited by: yasmina karam | design boom

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