Kentucky Man Makes ‘Horse Kicks’ – Racehorse Sneakers Inspired by Nike and Adidas Shoes


horse sneakers

Robert Yazoo Baker and the Cornett Group (2)

A man from Kentucky has taken his sneaker game to the next level!

Marcus Floyd, 39, a self-identified “sneakerhead” who makes custom shoes for customers as part of a side project, was approached by his hometown of Lexington, the Kentucky Tourist Board, to create unique sets of shoes – for horses.

The sneaker artist told The Washington Post that he worked with the tourism board to create a footwear concept that envisioned equestrian athletes in the same vein as their human counterparts.

“They thought it would be cool to develop the horses as athletes,” Floyd told the outlet, “because that’s what they are.”

The idea grew into a project called Horse Kicks, in which Floyd made custom sneakers for the stallions that resembled the Nike, Adidas and New Balance shoes that many human athletes wear.

“For too long, these multi-millionaires [the horses] were fitted with traditional and ordinary horseshoes,” the tourist board, Visit Lex, said on its website promoting the project. “Horse Kicks is here to change that…to give horses of all breeds and disciplines the drip they deserve.”

Floyd, owner of the fashion brand Infinite Kustomz and has made one-of-a-kind sneakers for clients like Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman, has a history of taking popular shoe styles and turning them into something different.

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horse sneakers

horse sneakers

Robert Yazoo Baker and the Cornett Band

The sneaker artist attended a four-day crash course in 2020 at The Shoe Surgeon’s SRGN Academy in Los Angeles, where he learned how to deconstruct popular sneakers without destroying them and how to use the materials to create something unique. new.

It can take Floyd up to 17 hours to make a new pair of shoes from the materials, according to the Washington Post.

After Visit Lex first approached him in June, Floyd began working on building functional horse sneakers. A pre-made protective horse boot ended up serving as the base and main structure for Floyd’s Horse Kicks, and the rest of the design is inspired by human sneakers.

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horse sneakers

horse sneakers

Robert Yazoo Baker and the Cornett Band

The end products Floyd created for his project with Visit Lex looked like miniature versions of the sneakers you often see on the feet of athletes and other celebrities. Lexington – often called the ‘horse capital of the world’ – hopes the Horse Kicks, which are on display as an art installation, will encourage visitors to come to the city for November’s Breeder’s Cup – a series of organized horse races in Lexington on November 1. 4 and 5 — to consider the athleticism of racehorses.

“There’s a huge market for footwear for these athletes, whether they’re running in them, jumping or just going to the show,” Floyd said, adding that he hopes companies “understand the market for the equestrian athlete.”

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Horse sneakers commissioned by Visit Lex and created by Floyd will be auctioned at a charity fundraising event in central Kentucky on November 12. Animal lovers can learn more about Floyd’s custom horse sneakers on the Horse Kicks website.


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