That title is quite a mouthful, eh? It’s all true though: Lil Nas X’s upcoming “Industry Boy” is partially produced by Kanye West (himself gearing up for Yeezy Sound’s debut) and was teased via a headline-grabbing video that sees Lil Nas confront Nike in the drama stirred by MSCHF’s “Satan Shoes”. Phew. All we can add is #FREELILNASX

The fallout from the so-called Satan shoes was one of the biggest internet moments of 2021, as the controversy made headlines in March and even spread in early summer as Lil Nas dragged reprimands with a more “satanic” style which coincided with his “MONTERO (call me by your name)In the end, the hubbub hardly slowed down Lil Nas, who settled comfortably in the summer (remember those multiple big BET Awards?).

Not that Lil Nas forgot about the spring dusting, which inspired the “Industry Boy” video. The video takes a very Klumpsian turn when it’s revealed that Lil Nas X stars as himself, the judge, his own bewildered lawyer, the homophobic prosecution, a member of the jury, and possibly a few other characters we haven’t even seen yet. The brief two-minute teaser makes a few jokes before Lil Nas X gets sentenced to jail (Montero State, you understand?) And we get credits.

The bouncy, horny “Industry Boy” also features rapper Jack Harlow and the production of Take A Daytrip and you can expect him to hold the Billboard charts when he debuts on July 23. while waiting to pre-order the song.

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