Offers of authentic Michigan soccer jerseys were previously slim, limited by NCAA rules that did not allow player names on the back.

But a new era was launched on July 1 allowing varsity athletes to enjoy their name, image, likeness (NIL), and as of Friday, the M Den, Michigan’s official licensed equipment retailer, has been selling soccer jerseys. personalized officials.

The M Den has worked with Valiant Management Group, led by former Michigan football player Jared Wangler, which secures contracts with current players that allow their names and numbers to be sold on jerseys.

Michigan would be the first college program with this type of arrangement for current football players. Each player signs a contract with the M Den and will receive money from the jerseys sold.

“I’m not going to say exactly, but it’s over $ 10 (per jersey),” M Den owner Scott Hirth told Detroit News on Monday.

There are two offers for authentic jerseys, one for $ 120 with name and number displayed, and one for $ 180 with sewn-in. The M Den website offers the jerseys on the website by clicking on a position and then choosing a player.

From Monday afternoon, 72 player jerseys were available, among them a # 97 Hutchinson, a # 2 Corum, a # 9 McCarthy and # 12 McNamara.

Sales since the M Den announced jersey sales last Friday have been strong.

“We sold quite a few over the weekend,” Hirth said.

Michigan has a clothing contract with Nike and the Nike / Jordan brand for soccer and basketball, but Nike only has a custom soccer jersey program at the moment, which is why the basketball jerseys Personalized balls for men and women are not yet available.

Hirth believes that will change in the near future, but until then he will continue to work with Michigan on a multi-pronged strategy that includes female athletes and male athletes from other sports. As it stands, the M Den cannot sell a basketball jersey with the name and number of Naz Hillmon, Michigan’s outstanding basketball player who was the player of the year. Big Ten last year, or a softball jersey with the name of ace pitchers Alex Storako or Meghan Beaubien, but there are other opportunities.

Over the next few days, Hirth said announcements would be made for in-store autograph sessions featuring Michigan female athletes like Storako and members of the NCAA champion national gymnastics team. Previously, Hirth could only have athletes when signing on after their eligibility expired or they turned professional. Athletes have always been paid for autograph signing appearances.

“We’re all into women’s sports,” Hirth said. “So we definitely will, and we’ve had student athletes for autograph signatures, but only after graduation. Now we can have them while they’re currently eligible, and we can pay for them. Instead of being one of their first paychecks after completing their eligibility, we can now start this four years earlier. “

Nike authorized the sale of a No.4 jersey, the number Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh wore as a player with the Wolverines, but even that could now be monetized, Hirth said. He said they were focusing on the jersey sales of current players, but technically they could make deals with former players like Harbaugh who would profit from the sales.

“In the case of our coach, we would need an arrangement with him to put his name on the back, which has not happened,” Hirth said. “We could make a deal with (former Michigan quarterback) Rick Leach, but first we have to win over the current student-athletes because of that new name, image, likeness, and then we’ll look at those previous players at for sure. . “

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