Michigan soccer player shares Nike / Jordan loot he got for playoffs


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  • Michigan is on the cusp of qualifying for the college football playoffs with a whole new wardrobe.
  • One of the Wolverines players recently shared what he got from Nike / Jordan for the game and everything is as clean as it gets.
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With the college football playoffs on Friday, Michigan football is about to have some fun.

Each year, college football teams that participate in a game of bowls receive various gift bags usually provided by sponsors. This can include anything from Fossil watches to a Playstation 5 to a 3D printed action figure.

A full list of what each player gets with each bowl can be found here. In addition to what players get from the game itself, the school gives them a whole new wardrobe for travel, clothing around the hotel, and every event of the week.

This year Michigan is in the college football playoffs. The Wolverines head to the Orange Bowl for a semi-final clash against the Georgia Bulldogs.

When they arrive in Miami, they’ll be wearing all of their new gear from head to toe.

Late last week, before Christmas Day, the team received their playoff loot.

Wide receiver Roman Wilson has shared what he got for the game and everything is fresh. Michigan is in partnership with Nike and carries the Jordan brand, so all it has for the game is straight fuego.

Branded with both the Michigan logo and the College Football Playoff logo or Jordan logo, Wilson’s transport includes a gym bag, hoodie, hooded vest, two pairs of sweatpants, six shirts, one set of Orange Bowl slide sandals, two new hats and a new pair of Jordans.

Michigan will face Georgia in a nightcap on New Year’s Eve. Whether they win or lose, players will always have some fun gear to wear from the moment they step into playoff. See how it compares to Cincinnati swag HERE.


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