My daughter wanted expensive Nike stuff for Christmas so i made it instead … people say she’ll notice but i don’t care


A mom revealed her smart money-saving tactic when her daughter asked for expensive Nike products for Christmas – some say it’s not fair, but others think it’s a great idea.

Mum Shelby said her 10-year-old daughter wanted Nike products for Christmas, but figured out how to make her daughter happy and save money.


Mum Shelby Saved Hundreds By Choosing Not To Buy Real Nike ProductsCredit: Tik Tok / swhair_xo
She said her daughter is growing fast, so expensive clothes are not a good investment


She said her daughter is growing fast, so expensive clothes are not a good investmentCredit: Tik Tok / swhair_xo

She explained, “My 10 year old has requested a ton of Nike products this year. So $ 10 for the win – because she is growing at a rapid rate and I don’t feel like spending hundreds on something that looks good on her for two months.

She showed off a sweatshirt she had bought for $ 7.98 (£ 5.96) and she used her heat press to embellish the sweater with a Nike logo.

Many appreciated the mother’s wise strategy, especially since her little girl will undress so quickly.

“She works hard for her money, why spend more when the kids are growing up so fast?” One supportive commentator asked, while another wrote, “Go on, Mom! Way to improvise. I bet your daughter will love them!

Others, however, were much more critical of the mother’s DIY approach.

“Don’t you think your kid is going to notice the tag ???” one asked, and another said, “But you could afford that heat press for yourself…”

“The poor kid will be embarrassed when other kids notice it’s not real Nike,” added a third.

A fourth said: “Would I understand that at any other time of the year except Christmas?” If you can afford it, give her what she wants?

The mom responded to trolls who said the Nike logo would peel off in a follow-up video.

She said, “I hate it here. I hate the comment section of this video. Look, when it peels, I’m going to kick the bottom of the trash can to pull the lid up, and I’m going to throw it in there. Because it was $ 7.

“I’m going to tell him I did it, because I plan to do more.”

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