Nike Metcon 7 Training Sneaker Wear Test and Review Video


Sneaker lovers and workout addicts, this one’s for you.

men’s health Fitness Director Ebenezer Samuel, CSCS and Fitness Coach Josh Bailey know their stuff when it comes to testing the latest and greatest in workout gear – and they’re willing to sweat some serious sweat to see if the new releases live up to the fanfare.

The popular Nike Metcon line is a must-have for CrossFitters, as well as anyone who likes to tackle the weight room, HIIT classes, running and other activities. For the video, Samuel and Bailey donned the standard version of the Metcon 7 as well as the Mat Fraser Edition, a collaboration with the CrossFit legend who won the CrossFit Games a record five times. Guiding us through the unboxing experience, their thoughts on new specs such as Nike React foam, which is said to provide extra responsiveness and excellent cushioning, an upgrade from the typical dual-density foam Metcons found in previous models. , and more.

Nike Metcon 7 Training Shoes

“A lot of times when you get into these CrossFit or weightlifting shoes, they end up being designed for weightlifting and I feel like I’m running on cardboard,” comments Samuel, before hopping onto the treadmill. (You’ll have to watch the video to see if this issue is true or not for this iteration.)

So what does this duo have to say after running, burpees, jumping lunges, and other tough training moves associated with CrossFit (or at least cross-training)? The Nike Metcon 7 reigns supreme when it comes to lifting. “I’ve never had a squat shoe,” Bailey said. “So [with] I really felt the difference between an ordinary sports shoe and this type of shoe designed to develop strength and power. The sneak was also a beast on rowers and lateral moves like side shuffles and skater jumps. Bonus: They’re extremely breathable so your feet won’t overheat during a workout.

To conclude, Bailey and Samuel explained how the sneakers compare to the men’s health MH Strong checklist in categories such as innovation, comfort, etc. Biggest Benefit: Weightlifters and rowers will love this shoe. Watch the full video above to see whether or not the Nike Metcon 7s earn our strong MH-certified rating.

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