Nike seeks to crack down on bots and stockists


Resellers beware: Nike’s updated terms of sale are meant to crack down on bots and implement other policies and tactics that could hurt the resale market.

The update is currently aimed at the company’s US operations, but a similar strategy is expected to apply to all of Nike’s global operations over the next two years. It’s likely that system cheating – buying through or the Nike SNKRS app with software or automated ordering technology – will exist for as long as the Swoosh exists, but the decision to implement changes to the terms of sale demonstrates the company’s commitment to a positive customer experience.

In addition to using technology to cancel orders that are deemed to have been placed with bots, Nike “could charge restocking fees, refuse to issue refunds, or suspend the accounts of people it determines are buying its shoes, clothing or other items with the intention of reselling them,” according to a Wall Street Journal article. for resale, but the update expands its response if it identifies activity within that.

If truth be told, the Swoosh and its affiliates have largely benefited from the resale market, which has been largely fueled by users purchasing large quantities of items using unauthorized automated ordering programs. Over the past two years, platforms such as eBay, StockX and GOAT have processed more transactions than ever before, especially high profile collaborations between the Oregon conglomerate and Travis Scott, Off-White and other brands. It’s too early to tell if the company’s updated terms of sale will put more pairs on the feet of consumers intending to wear the sneakers they buy, or if the ad will serve more as a marketing tactic. bullying towards the very community that has helped cultivate Nike’s hype. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: the sneaker market is growing and the hunger for a piece will only grow.

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