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US federal authorities are asking for help in identifying a suspect in connection with homemade bombs discovered at the Republican and Democratic National Committees on January 6, the day of the violent storming of the Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump. The photos of the individual leave little to follow. His face – assuming it’s a man – is covered with a mask, and the hood of his sweatshirt obscures the rest of his head. Her clothing is simple and does not offer clear identifying details.

So the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) asks if anyone recognizes the more noticeable aspects of their outfit, backpack, and sneakers. Amateur sleuths online wereted no time identifying the shoes as the Nike Air Max Speed ​​Turf. If they’re right, shoes aren’t very common, which could help the FBI reduce the number of suspects.


Online detectives identified them as the Nike Air Max Speed ​​Turf.

Sneaker fans might know the Air Max Speed ​​Turf as a mid-90s style. Nike reintroduced them in 2012 and released other versions in 2018, including two color combinations that could be the ones. shoes seen on the suspect. Unlike widely distributed styles, such as Nike’s popular Air Force 1, there aren’t millions of pairs on the streets of the United States, and although they are available on resale sites such as eBay and StockX, they aren’t traded with the same fervor as sought-after styles such as Air Jordans. This means that a limited number of people likely own a pair, and the distinctive look makes them relatively easy to spot.

It’s not the best lead the FBI could have hoped for, but federal authorities so far have little clue as to the identity of the suspect, according to the Associated Press. They are also concerned about the potential for new threats involving explosives or gun violence as Trump’s inauguration and departure from office approaches.

The FBI has asked for the public’s help in trying to identify all those accused of illegally entering the Capitol, assaulting police and having items such as homemade bombs during the riot on 6 January. Many should prove to be easier to catch since their faces have been clearly captured by the camera, and a number have already been arrested.


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