Nike store “defies the standards of transparent LCD screens”


Nike’s House of Innovation in Paris, France is the largest to date and the third iteration of the retail concept after openings in Shanghai and New York. The flagship store occupies a privileged location on the avenue des Champs-Elysées, with a surface area of ​​2400 m², spread over four floors. The mission of the Maison de l’Innovation is to bring inspiration and innovation to all the athletes of the world.

Commenting on the opening in July this year, Heidi O’Neill, President of Consumer and Market at Nike, said, “When consumers walk into Nike Paris, they will experience our biggest retail concept, the most digitally connected and the most immersive in the world. The strength of our digital portfolio, combined with product innovation and incredible physical spaces, will connect members to the sport community and unique experiences, serving them in an incredibly personal way. “

All-new House of Innovation delivers a ‘digitally powered’ end-to-end customer experience designed to represent “Nike’s bold vision for the future of retail,” said Cathy Sparks, Global Vice President and General Manager worldwide direct Nike stores and services.

The opening of such a large brick-and-mortar store in the midst of a global pandemic could raise understandable concerns. However, all safety aspects were factored into the design – the store was fitted with disinfection stations throughout and suitable lighting to encourage social distancing. “We thought about how this space comes to life, and the French team took into account the lessons we have received around the world [as it relates to safety and Covid-19]so we are able to open this store with confidence, ”Sparks said. “[For example], we have the Nike app, which offers a touchless experience. … We have redesigned all of our shoe seats for fittings and made sure the store is designed to create the proper spacing.

Another feature of the store that Nike was looking for was a transparent screen to use in a digital orientation solution and this was provided by UK manufacturer Pro Display. Nike provided the initial concept for the display, which had been rendered by its design team, so that it could work with Pro Display to accommodate the practicalities of using a transparent LCD display for the application.

Using the original design as a starting point, Pro Display worked closely with the team at Nike to tailor the mechanical aspects of the design, such as the light source needed for the display to function and where the power and connectivity cables would be without compromising the minimalist design.

The result was an elegant set of nine transparent LCD screens, custom-built to meet the demands of the application that brought the concept to life. This is an application of transparent LCD screens that challenges the standard of their previous use, with that screen being completely away from the wall with no surrounding casing.

The backlight in this case uses a powerful white light behind frosted abstract panels indicating the floor number. Due to the power of the light and the way the design is oversized in relation to the screen bezel, the screen still produces crystal clear HD quality content as it would in a standard hosted app.

Ben Hadfield, Sales Director at Pro Display said: “Not only was it a huge honor for our transparent displays to be specified by such a prestigious brand in an application of this size, but it was also an honor to do part of Nike’s Move. to Zero Journey, with our displays running in a 100% renewable energy store built with nearly 85,000 kilograms of sustainable materials in its design.

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