Nike Training Club App and Maternity Clothing Line Keep Me in Shape


Pregnancy is physical, as all pregnant mothers know. It also doesn’t end in a growing bump. The aches, pains, aches, sluggishness, and physical symptoms you experience along the way can alter the way you are used to doing things. That’s why Nike has stepped up (as always!) to become a leader in the world of women’s movement, now including moms-to-be with maternity wear and prenatal workouts via the free Nike app. Training Club.

With the (M)ove Like a Mother program in the Nike Training Club (NTC) app, you can confidently choose from a ton of workouts as you and your baby grow. From ‘early pregnancy’ to ‘later pregnancy’, you can filter to find the workout that’s right for you where you are on your journey. Then, when baby is here, you can continue with postpartum workouts designed to support your body on the next stage of your journey.

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As someone who was an athlete in college and then found herself very unsure of how to train safely while pregnant, I can’t explain how much I appreciate this. Not to mention it’s one less thing to think about as the pregnancy brain settles. You can simply pick a workout and let the trained fitness instructors take you from there! I’ve been incorporating their low impact workouts throughout this pregnancy (my second) and it’s been a night and day difference from my first pregnancy when I wasn’t quite sure how to move.

But Nike doesn’t stop there: Not only is Nike paving the way for safe pregnancy fitness through the NTC app, but they’re also ready to dress our growing bodies with the Nike (M) line!

As a fashion blogger, this turns me on even more than the workouts (to be honest!), and having the combination of comfortable clothes to wear when I move my body is pretty amazing. If you’ve ever worn Nike, you know it’s a step up from what’s currently on the market for pregnant women. The quality, fit and design are amazing as you would expect. From low-impact workouts to hikes to runs, Nike (M) was designed for us through every stage of pregnancy. To finish!

Here are my favorite maternity clothing choices:


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