Odell Beckham, Jr. sues Nike for over $20 million


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Odell Beckham Jr. is reportedly seeking an NFL contract worth $20 million on a prorated basis for the remainder of the season. He wants the full $20 million plus from Nike.

Via TMZ.com, Beckham sued Nike for over $20 million. The issue dates back to a decision by Nike to exercise a right of first refusal in 2017, matching an offer Beckham received from Adidas. Then, in 2022, Nike reportedly began withholding money from Beckham over alleged technical breaches of his agreement via the shoes and gloves he used in games.

Beckham alleges, among other things, that Nike failed to pay more than $2 million that was due in March 2022.

Beckham has issued a statement on Twitter regarding the situation. He says he is pursuing the action to “set a precedent” that will protect other athletes from contract shenanigans.

While the facts are yet to be determined, it’s not crazy to think that Nike regrets a deal made at the peak of their popularity. Since 2017, Beckham hasn’t had the same sizzle he had at the start of his career.

So it’s entirely possible that Nike developed remorse and decided to aggressively rely on the fine print of the contract.

If Beckham’s rights are violated, he should act. And if other players have their rights violated by their shoe and apparel partners, they must take action too. The Nikes of the world don’t hesitate to call on lawyers whenever their rights are compromised in any way. Players shouldn’t hesitate either.


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