Photos: Middle East’s largest Nike store opens at Dubai Mall


American sportswear brand Nike has opened its largest store in the Middle East and North Africa at the Dubai Mall.

The new store, which is the result of a partnership with Emirati retailer Sun and Sand Sports, covers 3,290 square meters.

Inside customers can choose from a variety of sections, including the Nike Personal Experience, where they can customize footwear and apparel such as laces, straps, buttons, markers and labels with artwork and details. other features.

A dedicated area for women also includes a dressing room and lounge where women can shop with their friends in private and listen to their own music.

Other unique details include a flexible testing space, designed like a small basketball court, for young people in Dubai to put their new sneakers to the test.

Additionally, there will be access to the Nike Community Hub, a place where customers can connect with athletes.

The opening coincides with the launch of the Nike HyperAdapt, which would be the first fully functional athletic shoe that electronically adjusts to your foot.

NikePlus members will have the chance to participate in different events and experiences in the store and gain early access to new products.

They will also have access to an easy shopping experience and the ability to have items delivered to their doorstep at no additional cost.

Nike is hosting a number of events to celebrate the December 1 opening, including personalization sessions.

The Nike store will be open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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