Raahil’s blog: Deepika Padukone continues to sell Nike, even after Adidas deal


The author explains how Padukone continues to sell Nike products even after 11 months as an adidas brand ambassador

September 19, 2022 1:27:00 PM | Article | Raahil Chopra

At the time, he was considered a major scoop for Adidas, as Padukone had already been seen in a Nike film.

Adidas would have thought this deal would have seen the end of the actor selling Nike products.

But no, that didn’t happen.

Padukone, who is hosting a closet sale to raise money for her NGO, LiveLoughLaugh, has 11 Nike items listed on her website, and there is only one Adidas, the brand she currently endorses.

This could prove that Padukone’s closet sale is genuine, as she empties her stock of Nike clothes to ensure she isn’t spotted wearing the Adidas competitor.

But that raises a few questions: will a fan of the actor watch the ads Padukone appears in for Adidas and be swayed to buy those products? Or will they browse through its closet sale and choose from the plethora of Nike products listed there?

Since the site also lists sold-out products, it will be interesting to see what happens to Nike products once the purchase is made. If they continue to be listed like the other products, we’re sure it will make fans search for similar Nike products.

At a time when brands are called upon to be authentic, this is where Nike wins, unwittingly. For Padukone to list Nike products on the website, even though she is an Adidas brand ambassador, fans are going to be sure that she trusts the American brand.

Although we’ve reached out to Adidas and Padukone for comment on this, we haven’t heard from them yet. If and when the brand or Padukone offers comment, we’ll update this story.

But for now, it’s Nike advantage.

(The author is editor of Campaign India.)


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