‘Ridiculous’ queues at Nike store in Affinity Staffordshire


‘Ridiculous’ queues formed this morning at the Nike clearance store in Affinity Staffordshire shopping center.

The outlet drew large crowds, with customers from as far away as Birmingham visiting the Talke complex.

Stephen Tomkinson, 63, of Queen’s Gardens said: “I think it will be a great relief for everyone. They were standing in front of the door at twenty to nine, I’m glad it’s open again, really.

“This Nike store is ridiculous. I know it hasn’t been open for quite a while.

“Other than that I’m glad it’s open again, he’s dead on his feet.”

Educational assistant Carol Gibson, 42, of Sandbach, was relieved to be able to try on new shoes with her son.

She said: “Especially with online shopping because we really have to try new things, he grows up so fast. It feels good to be back. Just everyday school shoes. Good.

“Just being able to try them out and see how they fit. It’s just the ease. With online you have to see if they are suitable, otherwise you have to send them back.

Catherine Brazier, retired, was eager to find some freedom after confinement. She said, “We just got into Marks and Spencers, I’m just going into Next. We went to Home Bargains because they were open, because they do food and everything.

The 66-year-old from Bignall End added: ‘We got here around 9:20 because we thought if there was a line we could get in the line but we was able to walk in. A little freedom.

“I hope to get my hair done.”

Queues for the Nike discount store were stretching around the mall, with other outlets also taking advantage of the relaxed rules.

The new rules mean that “non-essential” stores can now open.

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