RTFKT Studios Teases Nike IRL Apparel Collaboration


After his recent collaboration with Nike on the CloneX NFT, RTFKT Studios announced that an official virtual and physical clothing collection will be coming soon.

Recently, RTFKT posted on Twitter showcasing a collaborative Nike hoodie as a wearable clone. The character can be seen wearing a Nike and RTFKT co-branded black hoodie. RTFKT co-founder Benoit Pegotta wrote in a Tweet, “Not your usual physical hoodie, this hoodie is designed for special functions.” He also later explained in another Tweet that this Wearable Clone is a fusion of the RTFKT x Nike world, teasing a potential crossover between the virtual and physical world.

Later, RTFKT Studios confirmed on their Instagram that the hoodie will be both available as an item that will be available as both a Handheld Clone and a “Forgerable Physics soon”. The post also teased a pair of virtual Nike Dunk Genesis CRYPTOKICKS NFT shoes that debuted not too long ago. It’s unclear if the shoes will see a physical iteration. Stay tuned for more information.

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