Shoes from the 1017 ALYX 9SM SS23 collection, Nike x MMW collaboration


Matthew M. Williams’ 1017 ALYX 9SM has evolved beyond the need for laces, as proven in his Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Revealed during Milan Fashion Week, Williams’ new ALYX shoes include everything from aerodynamic boots to the MMW Zoom 5, Williams’ latest Nike collaboration.

Backstage after the presentation, Highsnobiety ventured up close with the next generation of slip-on shoes, envisioned by Williams for both Nike and ALYX alone.

Main fare includes tall boots reminiscent of a grown-up iteration of Williams’ 1017 ALYX 9SM Mono Slip, all with a streamlined front and clean lines.

Except for a clever “pull hole” incorporated into the boot’s ankle shank and tonal ALYX branding towards the toe, the boots are a single piece of cushioned rubber, which looks like at a size order for warm weather in my neck of the woods but then again people wear knee high leather boots in the summer so what do I know.

The Nike MMW Zoom 5, as Williams’ latest collaborative sneaker is called, takes a similar form.

It does have a lot more perforations though, with the forefoot made fully breathable through countless small holes and larger open chunks above the midsole (look away, Kanye).

Flashy silver accents and an anatomical outsole let you go further with finesse.

It’s funny that years after working from home became the norm for so many creative types, easy slip-ons are no less relevant.

Nor should they be, in my opinion, nothing will ever outshine thoughtless, windy shoes.

Even the 3D-printed Givenchy TK-360 sneakers that Williams recently unveiled with Givenchy barely use the included laces.

The point is ease of donning and the Nike MMW Zoom 5 Slides make that point a dozen times over.

The insane heat in Milan – it peaked at 94° on June 17, the day of the ALYX SS23 presentation – couldn’t stop the good vibes.

Something about the effortless ease of Williams’ new shoes undermined a sunny optimism that couldn’t be encroached upon by a little sweat.


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