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Wearing a cap isn’t just a style choice; for many it is a way of life. They grew up doing it and leaving the house without a cap feels bad. We see you, and during the summer there is no problem with that. That said, when fall and winter hit, dedicated cap wearers are faced with the big decision: to wear a cap or not?

The obvious answer would not be a cap but rather a beanie. And sure, there are a bunch of amazing beanies on offer this season, but for the most avid cap wearers, that’s not an option. Instead, they will freeze their poor ears rather than change the habit of a lifetime.

Luckily for the few involved, Nike has answered all of their issues with the H86 Sherpa Cap. The six-panel Nike cap is a stone-cold classic and certainly one of the most popular baseball caps thanks to its effortless ability to look good in any outfit. For FW22, the classic base frame is updated with an eco-fur finish.

The fleece shell is a comfortable development for the Nike H86 cap, but beyond that it also brings a really punchy new character to the design. Textures are king, especially in fall and winter, so lean into it and switch it up with the H86 Sherpa Cap.

Landing in all black and driftwood (a neutral, tan hue), the Nike H86 Sherpa Cap is definitely making its way into the conversation of the season’s best hats, and at just $25, there’s not much going on. something to discuss here.

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H86 Sherpa Cap

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