Who designed the Nike Ambush Dunk High?


The Nike-Ambush collaboration wowed even more fans with the release of the “Royal Blue” Dunk High in 2021. All releases in this line have, so far, been major hits, especially in the culture market. pop. Identifiable through their artistic colorways and unique designs, the Dunk Highs have established their place in the sneaker market. But who is the mastermind behind the Nike Ambush Dunk High? Let’s take a closer look at Yoon Ahn – the designer – and her impressive creations.

Yoon Ahn

Yoon Ahn is a Korean American fashion designer based in Tokyo. After studying graphic design at Boston University, Ahn founded the Ambush brand, of which she is the creative director. She is also known for being the director of jewelry design at Dior Homme. Ahn established the Ambush Design Company in 2002 after several attempts to start design businesses. The creative design company initially focused on designing original album covers for performing artists, including Verbal, Ahn’s husband. Later it expanded to include a jewelry line. Ahn gained mainstream recognition when celebrities began appearing in public wearing her designs. A particular turning point in his career came when Kanye West wore his AMBUSH ‘POW!’ pendant. In 2008, she joined Dior and went on to collaborate with big names in the fashion industry.

Collaboration with Nike

The first Nike Dunk High x Ambush collaboration rocked the sneaker world. Yoon Ahn is the first-ever female designer to create a Nike Dunk design, and fans can’t get enough of her work. At the moment, his Dunk Highs are available in four different colorways. She released the first – the black and white colorway – in November 2020 to mainstream success. Ahn’s release of the Nike Dunk High was accompanied by his reimagined NBA apparel collection. Her second installment was the Active Fuchsia colorway, which she released in February 2021. This was followed by the Deep Royal colorway, which is arguably the most popular of the four. Ahn’s latest Nike Dunk High is a bright sneaker that reflects his signature retro style. The Flash Lime colourway comes in a striking lime green color and comes with an apparel collection. Via her Instagram account, Ahn announced that she was working on two more colorways for the collaboration. She wrote, “The launch is a little delayed due to the current situation, but I promise you it will be worth the wait.”

The Nike Ambush Dunk High

The Nike Ambush Dunk High is a fresh and reinvented version of the classic Nike Dunk. It was born out of a collaboration between Ahn’s Ambush, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Nike. Essentially, the collaboration is producing a capsule collection of ’90s-inspired basketball apparel. It infuses fresh detail and style into iconic lines like the Nike Dunk. The Nike x Ambush collaboration makes Ahn the first designer to work with the NBA and Nike. Its main market is female basketball fans. In an interview about her inspiration for the project, Ahn said, “The project started with a conversation about making women proud to represent their favorite teams.” So far, Ahn has incorporated his multi-dimensional approach to fashion into the apparel of the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers. Pieces include two jackets, form-fitting long-sleeve tops inspired by NBA jerseys, and playful insulated pants inspired by the detachable warm-up pants worn by players. Ahn decided to accompany the clothes with shoes that were also inspired by the 90s. She reinvented the Nike Dunk and added her own touch to it. Now the show is inspired by the Japanese culture of trucks, cars and bicycles. Its shape is lifted and elongated with Swooshes that extend past the heels like bicycle hoses.

Deep royal blue

The Nike Ambush ‘Deep Royal Blue’ Dunk High is Ahn’s third design on the collaboration and arguably the most popular install. The vibrant design features bold shades of deep royal blue contrasted with neutral hints of black and white in a combination that can only be described as ‘royal’. Ahn explained his decision to model the shoe after Japanese truck, car and bicycle culture. She reimagined the Dunk High’s original proportions, saying she tried to imagine how she could “make the shoes almost look like this thing in motion.” The Deep Royal Blue Dunk High has a prominent heel counter with an embossed wordmark on the back. The tongue tags and sock liners are also subtly reshaped shapes from the original. Overall, the look is clean, retro and modern, yet inspired by the 90s.

Flash lime

Flash Lime is the newest sneaker in the Nike Dunk High x Ambush line. Compared to models that came before it, the silhouette for this show is slightly remixed to give it a more streamlined look that doesn’t deviate much from Ahn’s multi-dimensional approach. A rubber Swoosh extends past the Flash Lime’s heel, and its tapered color and rubber heel scream Ambush’s grandeur. Ahn also instilled this show with the Japanese truck, car and bicycle design, which channels the movement of the shoe. The Swooshes are also elongated to look like bicycle tailpipes. If all the shoes in this line were compared to cars, the Flash Lime would be a motorcycle or a sports car, thanks to its bright colors. Ahn doused the entire sneaker in the yellow tint highlighter, including the sole, sock liner and laces. Swooshes are the traditional black, and bright lime contrasts with more black of “AMBUSH” branding to the heel.

Unreleased ‘Chicago’

In a post uploaded to his Instagram account, Ahn revealed a new pair of Dunk High shoes with a black, red and white upper. Fans went wild for the blocking as it resembles the Chicago colorway of the Air Jordan 1, complete with the elongated black Swoosh that the Nike x Ambush line is known for. However, Ahn mentioned that the shoe would not be for sale when she captioned the post “NFS.” It’s unclear if Ahn will design the Chicago colorway but, if she has, the shoe already has fans.


The Nike Dunk High has been around for years, but Yoon Ahn’s contribution to the Nike Ambush Dunk High revolutionized the line. The successful Japanese designer is known for her multifaceted approach to fashion that draws inspiration from history and pop culture. For the Dunk High Design, Ahn took inspiration from Japanese car culture to create an iconic sneaker design with the most vibrant colors around.


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